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Cryptotax Stratagies & Consulting

Metatax is a full-service CPA firm specializing in cryptotax and complex tax strategies for high-net worth individuals and businesses.

Experienced CPA

Deep expertise matters. With two-decades of experience in big-accounting and 10 years in crypto-tax, we have the experience and the battle scars to help our clients navigate any crypto-tax challange.


We speak crypto. We take payment in crypto. We know the ins and outs of crypto tax software. At Metatax there are no languange barriers to client communication.

Remote First

We’re a remote first company. The metaverse is our pimary operating environment. Our client onboarding, workflows and security make client interactions asyncronous, simple and secure providing access 24-7.

Investors, Active Traders, Defi, NFTs

Crypto is full of opportunities for investors, developers, traders and collectors. Staying current on policy and regulations is challenging given the rapid pace of innovation in crypto. We stay on top of the tax-implications so you can keep up with what you do best in crypto.

 Certfied Public Accountant (CPA)

We are a professional CPA firm with experience across the entire spectrum of tax law and business. From providing one-off advice, to tax-prep for your entire portfolio of personal and business tax books, we can bring clarity to how crypto impacts your personal wealth, your business and your operations.

 Planning, Tax Returns, Analytics

We can help you plan, organize and execute tax strategies that maximize your crypto-investments. We’ll compile & complete your annual tax filings, manage your ongoing tax data and keep your tax responsibilities under strict compliance with changing regulations, including state and federal.

Pay For Services in Crypto

We take crypto-currency as payment for servivces. We not only work in cryptotax, we are active investors and particpants in crypto ecosystems. We maximise our value to our clients by being actively engaged in the industry. We’ve even had our fair share of rugs.

Focus on investing and building, not tax paperwork.